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Consignment Program

We will do everything within our power to sell your new or used handgun, shotgun, or rifle for the price you want for only a small commission. We will actively try to sell your firearm for a fair and reasonable price based on our knowledge and market research, any wear and tear of the firearm, and any special intrinsic value.

Please let us know if your firearm is in need of any repairs so that we can inform prospective buyers. Consignment guns need not be Vermont compliant, as our customer base extends across the entire country.

Please bring whatever paperwork you may have that shows proof of ownership and accessories you have that you wish to sell with the item (extra magazines, holsters, ammunition, original box, and paperwork, etc.)

We charge a 15% commission unless you decide to use the proceeds for store credit, then we charge no commission. We also charge a $20 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel the firearm consignment before we sell it. The buyer also pays a $25 transfer fee.

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